West Australian Deaf Arts


West Australian Deaf Arts (WADA) is an exciting initiative where Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing people come together to explore the Arts.

WADA aims to share and pass on an understanding of Deaf culture to the Hearing world and we encourage people with no Arts background or experience, and those that have experience in the Arts and would like to share and grow their passion, to join us.

WADA is a fantastic opportunity to explore your creativity and imagination in a supportive and inclusive environment.



If you are interested in an opportunity to participate in WADA

Through either performing, mentoring, volunteering your time, creating resources, or would simply like to support us, please contact us.

We welcome all who would like to be a part of this exciting organisation.

WADA’s Vision is to connect and strengthen the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Arts community whilst creating a platform to share Deaf culture with the Hearing world successfully.



WADA has held several performances since being founded in 2010, including:

– Cabaret
– Alicia In OneDeafLand
– Performances at the National Better Hearing Australia Conference.

The WADA  Signing Choir performed at the Concert Hall in 2017 in support of the 10th Anniversary of ‘Spirits of the Streets Choir.’


WADA is managed by the Founder, Julie Edmonds, who, with President Rae Gibson and Vice President/Artistic Director Carrie Brock, effectively translate the needs of WADA members into a direction for the future of WADA.

Their vision is to connect and strengthen the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community through the Arts.

Watch the complete Alicia in OneDeafLand performance below

WA Deaf Arts Signing Choir at the National BHA Conference.