About Us

More About Better Hearing WA

Better Hearing Australia WA was first established in 1945. We aim to support all people in the community with their hearing loss journey—from hard of hearing to profoundly deaf.

Because we understand that hearing loss can be socially isolating, we encourage individuals with all levels of hearing to engage in social experiences through a supportive environment and fun activities.

We also know that hearing loss can be associated with social isolation, depression, and even dementia and falls. Everyone needs to keep their whole brains active, so we support the ‘four pillars’ of Social activity, Physical activity, Mental activity, and Creative or Purposive activity. 

We believe that through such shared experiences, lives can be changed, moods elevated, and the quality of our lives improved. We are always happy to welcome new members and volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of others as they develop in their hearing loss journey.

Social Activities

Social Activities are held during the year, and members of Better Hearing WA receive notification of events through the quarterly Better Hearing Australia WA Branch Newsletter.

Annual Social Events

Annual social events such as Melbourne Cup and Christmas get-togethers are held. Information is provided through our Better Hearing WA Newsletter.

Classes to Manage Your Hearing Loss Journey

Our Better Hearing WA classes—currently Lipreading and Conversational Auslan—are friendly and supportive. More importantly, within these classes, we offer other activities based on research with people like us and include social get-togethers between classes and morning teas for those interested.

Why join us?

Because we are friendly! Better Hearing WA members welcome new members to our branch. We all understand the difficulties of hearing loss and social isolation, which can make us feel left out, and how to stimulate our brains to improve our social, physical, and mental lives.