Support Groups


SODA – Social Support of Deaf / Hard of Hearing Adults

is a group of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing people interested in our Deaf community. SODA holds social activities and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Conversation classes for those wishing to learn the basics and communicate with our Deaf community. All activities and classes are held in a fun, supportive environment, and everyone is welcome! SODA holds craft sessions and other social activities throughout the year.


WADA – West Australian Deaf Arts is an exciting initiative where Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing people come together to explore the Arts. WADA shares an understanding of Deaf culture with the Hearing world and is open to people with no art background or experience and those that have experience in the Arts and would like to share and grow their passion and be part of this exciting new initiative. WADA is a fantastic opportunity to use your creativity and imagination in a supportive environment. WADA is a support group/service of Better Hearing WA.

Social Activities

Social Activities are held during the year, and members of Better Hearing WA receive notification of events through the quarterly Better Hearing Australia WA Branch Newsletter.

Annual Social Events

Annual social events such as Melbourne Cup and Christmas get-togethers are held. Information is provided through our Better Hearing WA Newsletter.

Hearing Loss Management Sessions

Our Better Hearing WA classes are friendly and supportive and include social get-togethers between classes for those interested and morning teas together.

Why join us?

Because we are friendly! Better Hearing WA members welcome new members to our branch. We all understand the difficulties of hearing loss and social isolation, which can make us feel left out.