The Board of BHA.wa has begun to assemble some possible projects which we consider of potential long term benefit for our members — see if you agree!

Please send us your suggestions at, to comment on these or to add more…

1. Audio loops in events and public enquiry counters
2. Government-mandated T-switches in all hearing aids
3. Sensorium: Sensory stimulation in a Dance Party-style entertainment setting
4. Qsign Project: Making life more interesting in aged care settings by teaching the care staff Auslan signs for 20 critical words to improve day-to-day communication. 

Finding funding is always fun… For the Qsign project Phase 1, $20,000 already generously provided by Lottery West. If you can help, Phases 2 (~$45k, starting Nov. 2021) and 3 (~$85k, Dec. 2022) now sought!