Things have changed if you have a hearing disability. Captioning in real time extends the idea of subtitles on TV to full interactive events. 

Today we can use an app on our smart phones, or a dedicated machine, or the built-in features like Google Meet’s live captioning, or even some ‘smart glasses’. These are all ways we can keep up with conversations, events and social activities, which are such an important part of life whether we have hearing loss or not. 

Better Hearing Australia as an organisation has always focussed on more than simply support around hearing aids and lipreading, but the options today or burgeoning — there are now many tools available for those with hearing loss, AND more research about the brain and hearing fitness. 

We now know how much our brain takes control of our ‘meaning-making’. Just like the quality of our vision is totally managed by our brains, so we know the brain has a huge role to play in what we hear. The ear picks up noises, it is the brain that makes sense of those noises, turning them into words, sentences, and even identifying emotional content too. 

And to stay healthy, BHA(WA) subscribes to the ‘Four Pillars’ ideas, encouraging Social focus, Mental focus, Physical focus and a Creative or Purposive focus. 

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