Brands we thought were just audio and headset makers like Bose and Jabra now offer ‘affordable’ hearing aids in US

Pic: Bose aids being worn by a client.

Recent changes in US laws mean that over-the-counter-aids are now legal in America — and of course the US market is large enough to dominate, so this will flow to smaller markets like Australia somehow. And the stats here match those of the US, below…
Despite hearing loss affecting 48 million Americans, only one in four adults who could benefit from a hearing aid actually uses one. 
This is unfortunate, as untreated hearing loss has been associated with serious conditions like depression, anxiety, and dementia.
Jabra says: Their aid is different. They claim  positioning the new Enhance Plus buds as an “all-in-one hearable for the many people who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss but who are not yet ready for traditional all-day wear hearing aids,”

Pic: Jabra Enhance Plus buds in use

The Bose advertising says: “Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids pair with the Bose Hear app, the first self-tuning mobile app that’s clinically proven to provide audiologist-quality customization for individuals 18 or older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.”