Better Hearing WA has long recommended The Four Pillars for healthy aging*.  One of these Pillars is keeping our brains active.   We strongly recommend daily puzzles and games.   It’s been confirmed by Dr Anne Corbett of the University of Exeter Medical School who reports that the more regularly we do crossword puzzles and number games, the sharper our performance over a range of tasks.   She reports that word and number puzzles, “…help our brains working better for longer”.

I love cryptic crosswords though I rarely complete them.  One clever clue I’d like to share, Sailors fear this bird.  The answer is 11 letters.  I had to cheat to find the answer; it’s nightingale.   Sailors fear … night in gale.   Sigh!

Finally, the other pillars are •Keeping physically active; •Keeping socially active and •Being creative/purposive, eg. Learning something new. 

*from Peter Spiers’ 2004 book, Master Class: Living Longer, Stronger and Happier.