The Western Australian National Better Hearing Australia (BHA) Conference is being held at the Esplanade Hotel (Fremantle) in the year of the 70th Anniversary for BHA in WA. There are 2 days of interesting and thought provoking speakers and sessions. West Australian Deaf Arts will be entertaining us, and the WA Branch look forward to hosting this 67th BHA National Conference and Dr Harry Blackmore Conference Dinner.

Expect to be entertained, inspired, engaged, challenged, and participate in an experience unlike any other.

Regulation of audiology has become of increasing interest to the public, one in six of whom experience hearing loss themselves – and many more who are affected by disrupted communication in workplaces, families and communities that results from even one person within any group having difficulties hearing. Vice President Independent Audiologists Australia, Elaine Melville, will speak on this and the close association between for profit medical technologies such as implantable or wearing hearing devices. She will discuss the careful professionalism that prevents clinical judgements being influenced by potential provider gain which has also avoided regulation to date. Ms Melville stated the past decade has seen an explosion in business interest in selling hearing devices to the so-called “baby boomers” with commercial interests hidden behind reasons for business ownership such as an insufficient number of professionally qualified audiologists to meet needs. I am sure all of us look forward to this session.

Hear from the National Relay Service on their latest communication options. Ear Bus Foundation will give us a snapshot of conductive deafness in Aboriginal Australia. A Hypothetical session will see a Panel of Professionals in the field, consumers and audience participation. Professor Harvey Coates AO will speak of research into tissue engineering new ear drums. Michelle Tan will discuss the importance of having resources to support the social and emotional development of young deaf children so they are empowered to live a well-balanced life, and how interactive media can play a role in this empowerment. More importantly, empowering the deaf children to have a say in what goes into a design so we can discover what is truly important to them and their perspectives.

Other topics close to our heart will be the Aged Care and Acquired Dual Sensory Loss by Senses Australia Deaf Blind Consultant Angela Wills. The Chairman of Deafness Forum Australia will speak to us on Hearing being the 10th National Health priority in Australia and representatives from the BHA National Board and BHA Branches will enlighten us on new BHA resources and the work of BHA nationally. The BHA Lip Reading App produced in WA will be launched !

Here are the details of the program sessions lined up for an exciting and inspiring event!